1-week history of SatisFinance and the notice about PancakeSwap v2 migration

Satis Finance
3 min readApr 23, 2021


Hello SatisFians👍,

It’s already 2nd week from the launch of SatisFinance since Apr 16th.

We have achieved so many things in the first 3 days.🎉

DappReview, DappRadar, CoinGecko, vFat, ApeBoard…
All these are the names cooperated with SatisFinance👍.
Appreciate all of them!😘

You can find more details on the previous Medium post via below link.


Afterwards, we made two more remarkable milestones.

Listing on CoinMarketCap

The first one is… SatisFinance got listed on CoinMarketCap on Apr 22nd!🎊


Usually, it take more than a few weeks to be listed on CMC.
Even one of the bigger friends in BSC got listed on CMC just a few days ago, more than a month after their launch.

Please give small applause🙌 to Pagu, our CMO!

Collaboration with ValueDefi

2nd milestone was collaboration with ValueDeFi.

Actually, this was supposed to be completed and the vaults on their side and pools on our side should have been appeared at Apr 22nd, 14:00:00 UTC.

However, due to BSC network congestion, dev teams on both parties had lots of issues and couldn’t finish it in time.

And finally, we could complete below task as a memento of collaboration

on SatisFinance👍,
vBSWAP - BNB, vBSWAP pools added with 0% deposit fee💵

on ValueDefi✔,
SAT - BUSD / SAT - BNB vaults have been created to accumulate high APY


at Apr 23rd, 14:00:00 UTC, which is one day later from the previous notice.

Sincere Apologies from SatisFinance

SatisFinance sincerely apologies the incident happened during the new vBSWAP pools add.

We’ve notice the deposit opening was at 14:00:00 UTC and the farming will start from 15:00:00 UTC, but we made a small code error so that the new pools initially set to get 4% deposit fee, until the farming starts.

Therefore, we decided to start the farming earlier than expected time to prevent people from deposit fee being stolen due to that error.

We’ve noticed about this change as soon as we recognized and decided to pull-in the farm opening time, but it was clearly our fault and we’re sincerely sorry for that.

We will try best to prevent this kind of mistakes and errors in the future.

PancakeSwap v2 Migration

The other notice is about Pancakeswap v2 migration.
Everyone in BSC using Pancake’s AMM Router, including SatisFinance, are busy preparing Pancake’s migration.

We’re establishing our plan of course but we decided to wait and see what others do, since it might the biggest migration in the history of BSC thus there might be lots of issues happening throughout the whole BSC projects.

As expected, even PancakeSwap got a problem and delayed the migration further.

All SatisFians can enjoy high yield on SatisFinance’s pools at the moment and there’s no need to unstake or remove LP.

We will notice once we clearly establish our plan for our own migration.

It’s been a wonderful one week.😂
There must be much more satisfactory things out in the future of SatisFinance!🎁

R U SatisFied!?



Satis Finance

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