Hello SatisFians,

There’s only 4 days left to upgrade of xSatisFinance.

Please refer to the previous announcement about what the upgrade is.

We’re going to reveal more details about the upgrade.

Pool Revision

WBNB / BTCB / CAKE single token pools will be inactive, while LINA-BUSD, BRY-BNB, TRX-BNB will be newly added.

Hello SatisFians!

It’s been already 3 weeks since we launched, and lots of things happened.
Price action, listing CMC/CGK, partnership with ValueDeFi/Beefy/GooseFinance, social media giveaways…

There are much more steps we should clear out but here’s the most up-coming and important ones to announce.


xSatisFinance upgrade!

V2 was actually meaning…

Hello SatisFians,

I believe lots of people are already investigating not only on SatisFinance but also on all the other DeFi projects.

However, there’s people who want to invest on us, but just don’t know how!

This is the no-brainer guide to invest on SatisFinance step-by-step, but you can also…

Hello Investors of SatisFinance,

This is a guide to find TxID of Add / Remove SAT related LP for the compensation from the migration.

For more details about the migration, please read below.

Record check after LP Add/Removal

If you added V2 LP after removing V1 LP, you can find the records as below on…

Satis Finance

4th generation deflationary yield farming project on BSC

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