More details of xSatisFinance upgrade — Pool Revision & How to Migrate

Satis Finance
3 min readMay 12, 2021


Hello SatisFians,

There’s only 4 days left to upgrade of xSatisFinance.

Please refer to the previous announcement about what the upgrade is.

We’re going to reveal more details about the upgrade.

Pool Revision

WBNB / BTCB / CAKE single token pools will be inactive, while LINA-BUSD, BRY-BNB, TRX-BNB will be newly added.

All other pools will be same but you still need to unstake and stake again.

How to Migrate

1. SAT related LP

1) Unstake from current pool

2) Remove LP

* Please click ‘import it’ and search tokens with contract address when you can’t see your LP

3) Migrate SAT to xSAT

* Migration rate will be 1 SAT : 1.0205 xSAT to compensate transfer tax.
** xSAT will not have transfer tax.

4) Add LP with new xSAT

* xSAT contract address will be revealed before upgrade

5) Stake to new xSatisFinance pool

* Farm name will be xSAT-BNB

2. SAT Single Pool

1) Unstake from current pool

2) Migrate SAT to xSAT

3) Stake to new xSatisFinance pool

3. LPs not including SAT

1) Unstake from current pool

2) Stake to new xSatisFinance pool

Contracts, how the new xSatisFinance webpage looks like will be revealed later before upgrade.

Please stay tuned!



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