No-brainer guide to invest on SatisFinance

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4 min readMay 7, 2021


Hello SatisFians,

I believe lots of people are already investigating not only on SatisFinance but also on all the other DeFi projects.

However, there’s people who want to invest on us, but just don’t know how!

This is the no-brainer guide to invest on SatisFinance step-by-step, but you can also use it to invest on other similar yield farming projects of BSC network.


Tokens on Binance: BNB for gas fee is a must. You also need to prepare BUSD/BTC/ETH/CAKE or whatever you want, in your Binance account.

▶ If it’s only for gas fee, 1 BNB will be more than enough. However, you will need more BNB to create LP (Liquidity Provide) tokens to bind with, to get higher yield. I recommend you to have about 50% of your asset in BNB.

▶ You can freely swap your tokens to another one on Pancakeswap anytime. Don’t worry about which token to choose.

To Send Tokens to Your Wallet

You need to send your tokens

Go to ‘Wallet - Overview - Withdraw’ on Binance.

On Withdraw page,

① Select a token you want to withdraw
② Input your wallet address
③ Select Binance Smart Chain, BEP20 (BSC) for ‘Transfer Network’
For BSC Defi the Transfer Network is always BEP20 (BSC)
④ Input the quantity you want to withdraw on ‘Amount’
⑤ Click ‘Submit’

You can see ‘Security verification’ pops up.

If you set OTP, input OTP code.
If you didn’t, you should input E-mail/Phone verification code.
Click ‘Submit’ after inputting all the codes.

Here’s an example of how to check your wallet address on Metamask.

You just need to click the address appears on the center of the App.

If you’re using TrustWallet, go to ‘Smart Chain’ — ‘Receive’ to find your wallet address.

Be aware that the BNB on TrustWallet is BEP2 (Binance Chain) and ‘Smart Chain’ is real BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

To Check Assets in Your Wallet

On Trustwallet, you may find most of the token immediately appears. However, you need to add most of the tokens if you’re using Metamask.

Click ‘Add Token’ on the very bottom of the Metamask window, then click ‘Custom Token’.
Input the contract address of the token you sent to your wallet on ‘Token Contract Address’.

‘Token Symbol’ and ‘Decimals of Precision’ will appear automatically.

The token contract of SAT is 0xA1928c0D8F83C0bFB7ebE51B412b1FD29A277893.

You can find it on our Docs.

To Add LP (Liquidity Provide) Token

LP token is a token that two different tokens combined.
By creating LP, you’re providing liquidity on the certain AMM DEX.

Let’s forget about the complicated things behind it now.

What we need to know is, ‘most of the time, LP pools give higher yield than single token pools’.

It’s same one SatisFinance.

Below was our test site screenshot but, BNB-BUSD LP pool APR is almost 2.5 times higher than BUSD single pool.

Firstly, so, choose what LP you want to create.

Then, go to PancakeSwap’s ‘Liquidity’ page.

Click ‘Add Liquidity’ on the center window, and select the tokens you want to make LP on ① and ②.

To Stake to Earn

First, you need to connect your wallet to the site.

Click ‘Connect’ on upper right corner.

Choose the wallet you’re using.
For your information, ‘Binance Chain Wallet’ is having issues so it’s recommended to use ‘Metamask’ or ‘Trustwallet’.

Once connected, ‘Approve Contract’ is appeared on the pools.
Click it and ‘Confirm’ on the pop-up window.

Then, ‘Stake’ button on the pool is activated.
Click ‘Stake’.

The Last Part!

On the pop-up window,
① Type in a number of LP you want to stake,
② or just click ‘Max’
③ then ‘Confirm’
You also need to confirm on the wallet again.

Now, enjoy the SAT interest and be SatisFied!



Satis Finance

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