SatisFinance 2nd week Recap (PCS V2, Pool Revision, BSC Checker Audit and so on)

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4 min readMay 2, 2021


Hello SatisFians,👍

It’s been already 2 weeks passed since the launch of SatisFinance.🎉
We’ve made lots of milestones in just 1st week, as you can find it on the link below.😉

1-week history of SatisFinance

12 hrs Time Lock⏰🔒

First of all, SatisFinance has increased the time lock from 6 hrs to 12 hrs.

Now SatisFians can feel safer!🛡

You can find the setting transaction here:

PancakeSwap’s V2 Migration😂

But in the 2nd week, the biggest hardship🤦‍♂️ we encountered was PancakeSwap’s V2 migration.

PCS V2 Migration Medium Post

It was mainly to increase their swap fee, which was 0.2%, to 0.22% or 0.25%🎢, while they insisted it was also to enhance security.🤣

Moreover, their 0.2% fee was a fixed constant on their v1 contract but now it’s a variable which can be changed as their will later on.🤷‍♂️

Anyways, SatisFinance👍 has been using PancakeSwap’s LP on the pools, so we had to change all the pools to PCS (PanCakeSwap) V2 LP inevitably.

SatisFinance thought having V1 LP, as total liquidity decreases, users might be able to be affected by price fluctuation or less swap fee earning than V2 LP.

So we also decided to follow the migration as soon as possible, to prevent our users from any possible disadvantage and inconvenience that might be able to come from staying in the old V1 LP.

SatisFinance PCS V2 Migration Notice

The most important fact here is, we’ve compensated the loss of the users for the 2% transfer tax, when moving the pools from V1 to V2, even though it’s not a fault of SatisFinance!

Here’s the links of the transactions that we completed the compensation:…

We value our users and we’re transparent for every move!✌

As a result of the migration, even though it was not intended, SAT price has bounced back to $9.🎢💵

And even it was just a short period, we were ranked 42nd of ‘Top Gainers’ on CoinMarketCap.

The Pool Revision

We also thought a way of SAT appreciation, and decided to go through a revision of the pools on Apr 29th.

The main change here was to increase the mulpliers of SAT related pools to incentivize SAT holders.

Thankfully🙏, it was effective and the price of SAT has risen.🎢

Of course it had a side-effect, the TVL of the Legacy pools are gone.
However, we believe it will come back when we acquire more solid profit-model, which will be in a near future.

Additional Audit, BSC Checker

The other remarkable thing we’ve gone through was, an additional audit by BSC Checker🧐 on Apr 30th.

BSC Checker is one of trusted Telegram Group for BSC DeFi project verification, so SatisFinance got more trust with their audit.

BNB Airdrop!

What we’ve started and still open is, BNB Airdrop campaign!

We’re giving 0.2 BNB to 5 people!👍
It’s BNB guys, not SAT.😂
So, holders don’t need to worry about more inflation, and participants can earn 0.2 BNB for clicking for retweeting a few tweets!

What an easy money!💵

Burn Burn Burn!🔥🔥🔥

So far, SatisFinance has burnt🔥 73K of SAT, which is 25.7% of the total supply.👍
This is the highest burning rate so far among the BSC yield farming projects, as I know.✌

In 2nd week, we directly burnt 13K of SAT with normal buy-back, and 2.7K of SAT with SBB Protocol.

We are going to burn all! (just kidding, but let’s say like burn 98%? lol)

Something Big is Coming!

3rd week of SatisFinance has already been started.
And, there’s something big is coming!

Oh wait, does it seems like a dejavu? you heard about it before?
lol, yeah we’ve said same thing before for the partnership with ValueDeFi✔.

Guess what!
And be ready to be SatisFied!



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