SatisFinance 2nd week Recap (PCS V2, Pool Revision, BSC Checker Audit and so on)

1-week history of SatisFinance

12 hrs Time Lock⏰🔒

First of all, SatisFinance has increased the time lock from 6 hrs to 12 hrs.

PancakeSwap’s V2 Migration😂

But in the 2nd week, the biggest hardship🤦‍♂️ we encountered was PancakeSwap’s V2 migration.

PCS V2 Migration Medium Post

It was mainly to increase their swap fee, which was 0.2%, to 0.22% or 0.25%🎢, while they insisted it was also to enhance security.🤣

The Pool Revision

We also thought a way of SAT appreciation, and decided to go through a revision of the pools on Apr 29th.

Additional Audit, BSC Checker

The other remarkable thing we’ve gone through was, an additional audit by BSC Checker🧐 on Apr 30th.

BNB Airdrop!

What we’ve started and still open is, BNB Airdrop campaign!

Burn Burn Burn!🔥🔥🔥

So far, SatisFinance has burnt🔥 73K of SAT, which is 25.7% of the total supply.👍
This is the highest burning rate so far among the BSC yield farming projects, as I know.✌

Something Big is Coming!

3rd week of SatisFinance has already been started.
And, there’s something big is coming!



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