SatisFinance 3 days recap and minor revision notice to prepare further steps

Satis Finance
2 min readApr 19, 2021


Hello SatisFians👍,

It’s only 3rd day from launch of SatisFinance, but it feels like 3 year has passed.

Lots of things happened in this 3 days.

3 Days Recap

TVL reached $45M🎉, even though there’s only $42M notice on Twitter.

And, SAT price ATH broke $185.

Other than it’s own record, SatisFinance was listed on Dappradar and ranked on 10th Defi project in terms of Balance.
It’s even higher achievement than CREAM or ACryptoS and 1 rank below Goose Finance.

✅SatisFinance on Dappradar:

✅Rank page

You can also find SatisFinance on Dappreview and Coingecko.

For investors investment status, there are dashboard services which listed SatisFinance promptly.

Thanks to Apeboard and vFat, investors can check portfolio including the invested amount on SatisFinance.



Thanks to the investors, SatisFinance just made it first step on harsh BSC DeFi environment and established remarkable milestones.

Change Notice for stepping further

To step further, SatisFinance decided to proceed minor revision on below two pools


Changes will be effective at Apr 21st, 14:00:00 UTC / 23:00:00 KST.

Multipliers of those two pools will be adjusted from 4X to 3X.

Instead, two new pools, 1 LP pool / 1 Single token pool, will be added newly.

There will be other changes on the other side but it will be announced additionally in a near future.

Since there could be fluctuation on those affected pools, please prepare in advance.




Satis Finance

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