SatisFinance Migration for PCS V2 Notice

[Guide for Migration]

  1. Investors who staked on single token pools : need no action!
  2. Investors who staked on LP farms


Apr 26. (Mon) 13:00:00 UTC

1. Farm V2 page added on SatisFinance

  • Deposit will be available after opening of Farm V2, and farming will start at Apr 27th. 13:00:00 UTC
  • V2 LP Farms’ Deposit Fee will be 0% from Apr 26th. 13:00:00 - Apr 27th. 13:30:00 (single token pools excluded)

Apr 27th. (Tues) 12:50:00 - 13:00:00 UTC

- Farm V2 farming starts

Apr 27th. (Tues) 13:30:00 UTC

- Farms / Pools Deposit fee will be set to 2%

[Farms Migration List]

[SAT-BUSD / SAT-BNB LP Investor Compensation]

- Although SatisFinance’s migration happens due to PancakeSwap’s, we decided to compensate the loss of our investors in terms of 2% Transfer Tax.

  • SAT compensation will be First-In-First-Out basis
  • A wallet with LP Staking record after Apr 27th. (Tues) 14:30:00 UTC can’t be compensated.



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