SatisFinance Migration for PCS V2 Notice

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2 min readApr 25, 2021


Hello SatisFians,

Due to PancakeSwap’s V2 migration, SatisFinance inevitably proceeds V2 migration too.

Please check below notice and proceed migration in time.

Info about PancakeSwap’s V2 Migration

[Guide for Migration]

  1. Investors who staked on single token pools : need no action!
  2. Investors who staked on LP farms

1) Unstake current LP from ‘Legacy’ page on Satis.Finance

(Legacy page will open at Apr 26th. 13:00:00 UTC)

2) Remove the LP on PancakeSwap’s V1 Liquidity (Old) page

3) Add V2 LP on PancakeSwap’s V2 Liquidity page

4) Stake V2 LP on SatisFinance’s Farm V2 Page


Apr 26. (Mon) 13:00:00 UTC

1. Farm V2 page added on SatisFinance

- Depositing V2 LP is available. Farming will start at Apr 27th. 13:00:00 UTC

2. Current Farms will be moved to Legacy Page

- Legacy Farms stop farming at Apr 27th. 12:50:00 UTC

  • Deposit will be available after opening of Farm V2, and farming will start at Apr 27th. 13:00:00 UTC
  • V2 LP Farms’ Deposit Fee will be 0% from Apr 26th. 13:00:00 - Apr 27th. 13:30:00 (single token pools excluded)

Apr 27th. (Tues) 12:50:00 - 13:00:00 UTC

- Farm V2 farming starts

- Legacy farms stop farming

Apr 27th. (Tues) 13:30:00 UTC

- Farms / Pools Deposit fee will be set to 2%

* Deposit Fee excluded Farms/Pools (0%)


[Farms Migration List]

[SAT-BUSD / SAT-BNB LP Investor Compensation]

- Although SatisFinance’s migration happens due to PancakeSwap’s, we decided to compensate the loss of our investors in terms of 2% Transfer Tax.

- Compensation Recipients

Investors who removes V1 SAT-BUSD / SAT-BNB LP from Apr 26th. 13:00:00 UTC to Apr 27th. 12:50:00 UTC and adds V2 SAT-BUSD / SAT-BNB LP until Apr 27th. 13:30:00 UTC

- How to get compensation

Apply through GoogleForm with your wallet address and TxID for V1 LP removal and V2 LP add.

Then, we will send your SAT loss by Transfer Tax for LP removal and add.

Google Form :

* Please apply for the google form until Apr 28th, 13:00:00 UTC

  • SAT compensation will be First-In-First-Out basis
  • A wallet with LP Staking record after Apr 27th. (Tues) 14:30:00 UTC can’t be compensated.

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