SatisFinance open schedule & Pool Information

Satis Finance
Apr 15, 2021


Hi SatisFians!👍

It’s already less than 12 hours left to start farming on SatisFinance!

Here’s our detail schedule and information, even though these were notified through Twitter and Telegram already.

✅Webpage Open: Apr 16th, 02:30:00 UTC
▶ Deposit will be available

Pool Information

✅LP Creation: Apr 16th, 02:30:00 UTC
▶ SAT-BUSD, SAT-BNB LP will be created with 1000 SAT each, for $5 / SAT.

✅Farming Start: Apr 16th, 4:37:44 UTC (approximately)
Block height 6606600

✅Satisfi Buy Back Protocol Start: Apr 16th, 6:30:00 UTC (approximately)

All events will be notified through Twitter and Telegram once again before start.

Stay focused and be prepared to be satisfied!


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Satis Finance

4th generation deflationary yield farming project on BSC