xSatisFinance Upgrade, Listing on CEX and Lottery


xSatisFinance upgrade!


Launch time: May 16th, 9:00 UTC (18:00 KST).
Mark your calendars accordingly.

xSatisFinance Flowchart

After all that explanation, here’s a reminder of how things will work on the backend. For you, the user, the farming/staking remains the same. But behind the scenes, SatisFinance is burning xSAT. This will help with our current issues with inflation and is part of the reason we are going to xSatisFinance. However, this isn’t the only upgrade is bringing, not by a long shot.

Deposit Fee will be 0% for 24 hrs

Deposit fee for the new pools on xSatisFinance will be 0% from 24 hours.

What about the Transfer Tax?

Yes, there will be transfer tax applied for removing LP, withdrawing SAT and converting SAT to xSAT. To compensate this, the conversion rate of SAT to xSAT will be set to 1 : 1.0205, meaning you will get 102.05 xSAT if you convert 100 SAT. (When you send 100 SAT to the conversion contract, the contract receives 98 SAT but calculate the conversion based on 100 SAT and you will receive 102.05 xSAT)

Pool Revision

There will be some change on the farms and pools including changes of multipliers! The native farming pools continue to have the highest rewards.

The Next Step - CEX Listing and Lottery

We are also preparing all possible things we can do!



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