How to find TxID for SatisFinance Transfer Tax Compensation from the Migration (PC Metamask)

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2 min readApr 27, 2021


Hello Investors of SatisFinance,

This is a guide to find TxID of Add / Remove SAT related LP for the compensation from the migration.

For more details about the migration, please read below.

Record check after LP Add/Removal

If you added V2 LP after removing V1 LP, you can find the records as below on your Metamask under ‘Activity’ tab.
① ‘Remove Liquidity…’ is the record you removed your LP.
② ‘Add Liquidity’ is the record of adding LP
Please click one of them.

Connecting to BSC Scan through Metamask

A pop-up will appear and you can check the details there.
To get the TxID, please click the arrow mark on the top-right side.

Copy TxID on BSC Scan

Then you will be directed to and you can find you TxID = Transaction Hash.

Get your TxID for V1 LP Removal and V2 LP Add and apply the google form below for compensation. SatisFinance will send the amount you lost due to the 2% transaction tax.

Google Form :

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